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“Theory and History of Political Science: the global and national experience”

Department of History, Political Science and International Studies of Chernivtsi National University is exploring actual problems of political science for many years and also organizing international conferences and discussions on political issues. And idea to produce a collection based on the materials of that discussions was born. That's how the world saw the first book of “Political science and social studies”, which later turned into a series. New collections from the series are publishing every year.

Volume XI of the series called “Theory and History of Political Science: the global and national experience”, which was released in 2012, contains with the works of Ukrainian, German, Romanian, Belarusian scientists. In the collection discussed a number of topical problems of modern political science, including the study of electoral processes, conceptualization of democratic processes, relationships between globalization and regionalization and others.

That’s why this edition continues the tradition of thematic editions of collections of scientific works and balances out the achievements of experienced local and foreign scientists.