On the "Book Contracts" presented a series of textbooks by languages of national minorities

Its uniqueness is that the author is one person - Seraphima Krigan. It also provided sequence and continuity in the supply of educational material, its availability and clarity for children.


- In independent Ukraine - says the director of publishing house Daria Tuz-Maksymets - there was no Romanian ABC for kids who are learning their native Romanian language. «Abecedar» of Seraphima Krigan was first written, as it should be, in Latin.

In the plans of publishing house is creation of electronic interactive textbook for schools with Romanian language of study.

- Try, that our textbooks, - talks директорка of publishing house, - were various, that they not fell behind from life, that in them it was less all patriarchal, modern technologies were but most presented. Herein secret of such vitality of this complete set of textbooks.

- We try to keep our books more various - says the director of the publishing house - that they not fell behind from life, that it was less all patriarchal, and most were presented modern technologies. This is the secret of such success that set of textbooks.

Except textbooks, “Bukrek” also presented a book for preschool children “Reading, writing and  drawing” (author - S. Krigan) and child's books in Romanian.