Bukovyna Publishers - 20th Anniversary of Independence


Many stakeholders gathered presentation of Mykola Zinchuk 40-volume “Ukrainian folk tales”. Publishing house “Bukrek” reported about attempts to present this work to the nomination “Protection of Intangible Heritage of UNESCO”.

Regional Administration joined to the output of the first and still unique in Ukraine Regional fable anthology, which was also presented during the fair. In “Bukovynian Fables” contained the best examples of the genre from such classics like Yuri Fedkovich and Sydir Vorobkevych to modern region fabulist like Roman Bolyuh, Andriy Farion, Sergiy Koval and Omelyan Lupul.

Department of Prof. Anatoliy Kruglashov from Chernivtsi National University exhibited ten volumes of the series “Political and sociological studies”. “The election process in Ukraine and post-socialist countries” - so called new, the tenth book of the series.

During the gala celebration of winners of the national contest “Best Book of Ukraine”, the director of the publishing house "Bukrek" Daryna Maksymets four times beyond the awards.

Diplomas of winners in 2011 for third place received such publishing projects of  “Bukrek”:

– in the “World of Childhood”: - “ABC of the history of Ukraine” by Yaroslav Paladiy;
– in the “ART-book”: - “Hutsul embroidery” by Myroslava Shandro;
– in the “Poetry” – “Through smoke of autumn combustion” by Tamara Severnyuk;

And in the category “Best publishing project” second place got Ukrainian-Polish edition of Publishing house “Bukrek” “The Ukrainian antiquity” (compiled by Petro Zhytar).